Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Why hello!!! Yes, Life is Interesting!!!!!!!

 . .  . everyone. :) 

Yet again, there has been a lapse in time since my last post and so much has been going on! Like, tons!!!

So for this first back at it post , I thought I would update y'all (yes, I live in the country so that verbiage is completely acceptable. :)) on the situation with our cats, an ongoing saga in our household.

As of last post, I had 5 cats, 4 cats I'd already had and a new addition, Winston, which you read in my last post had special needs.  Sadly, we only got one more day with Winston. He started having seizures  the next day and lost control of his bodily functions. He had several more seizures through out the day on Sunday, and unfortunately, I live about hour away from an emergency clinic (which is the only place open around here on a Sunday) and I knew that putting him in a crate and taking him to the vet would have been torture. So we made him as comfortable as possible and loved and pet him a lot in between seizures. We had a big fire all day and made the house super warm and before we went to bed, we loved him again and wished him good luck.

Fortunately, for his sake (because he seemed to be suffering a lot), he passed in the middle of the night on Sunday night. Even though I was sad, it was really the best thing that could have happened. He was not doing well, so life would have been hard for him. It would have been hard for us, as well. We had 6 other pets to think of and take care of as well as Winston, so it would have been a sacrifice of time to Winston in lieu of time with other pets and hobbies.
Life is definitely interesting, isn't it?

So you would think this is where this post ends but wait there's more!!

Around the time I adopted Winston, we had a stray cat hanging around our house and we decided to let him stay instead of trying to shoe him away.  When I first started feeding him, I thought he was a girl and pregnant. He was eating sooo much and looked he had a belly bulge. Well, apparently, he was just really hungry and ate a ton because when I took him to the vet and asked if he was pregnant, they came back and let me know not only is he not pregnant, but he is a boy and nurtured. Whoops!
His name is Booger, and he is really a lovely cat, about 2 years old or so. And oddly, he is our garage cat yet so sweet. We have actually made cat spaces for him in the garage, including a cat bed, a cat box, and food with water bowls. The garage window is being left open for him to go in and out
as he pleases.

So you might think THIS is the end of this post but wait, there's more!!!!!!

Two days after Winston died, I am sitting at my desk when I hear a knock on the door and see an adorable cat head in my door window. Yes, a cat head in a window that is 5 feet off the ground.  I open the door and the janitor had a cat in his arms and says that he heard I might want a new cat.  He had a cute little what I thought was a girl cat. We stashed her for the work day in a janitor's closet and I took her home at the end of the day.  I didn't have a cat carrier and just put her on the passenger seat of my car, thinking she would be wondering around the car on the 20 minute drive home, but she didn't. She laid there the whole way home. She has become my favorite cat already; she is sweet, and loving, and a killer. Yes, I have had many dead animal parts in our cat room since she's been here. WOOHOO, I got myself a killer!!  Her name is Isabella, and she is about 10 months old.

Alright, so here is the end of this post. I now have 6 cats and am officially on my way to being the crazy cat lady. Hee-hee!

Hope you are well and living life to the fullest!!

Thanks for not giving up on me!  Thanks for stopping by again!!  Hugs!!!!!