Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Its Good For Me

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Its good for you! 

Remember hearing that when you were young? I sure do. My parents often told me I should do something because it was good for me. I am not great with doing what's good for me; really, hearing that, whether I say it to myself or someone else does, makes me want to run to the opposite extreme, almost all the time. I know, I've got some issues. But its the truth, and I am clear about this in myself.

So recently, I came across an article about the results of repressing anger in childhood and a kind of self help therapy that seems to change people's lives. It was written by a neuroscientist, and  I thought it made sense so I started to do it. I call it punch/yell therapy. Basically, I go into my guest room and hit the bed and yell at my parents' mistakes that hurt me so badly. I yell and hit about them living in separate rooms, about pretending everything was okay, about ignoring me yet micromanaging my world, and then, I feel a little better. Sometimes, I am embarrassed to do it or angry that I must do it to help myself, but I have just decided to do it each time. Its good for me. :)

It has made me reflect on other areas of my life and how I am avoiding doing what's good for me. Rolling things around in my head; trying to get a bead on things.

Do you also avoid doing what's good for you?

Why do you think you do it?

Hope you all are well and trying to challenge yourself in some way, no matter how small. :)