Friday, September 6, 2013

Left Turn From Life

Sunday I fell while out dove hunting and hurt myself pretty bad. I shattered the top section of my tibia and had surgery on Monday morning. I am 2 days into being home and have spent every moment healing and figuring out how to negotiate my house with a wheel chair and crutches.
I am still in pain and will be for quite awhile but I wanted to say hi and I am still here. If you want to read the whole story of what happened, go to the following post at my wife's website.

Hugs to All!!!


  1. ahhhh--get better jules! sorry to hear about it!

  2. Long time since you let us know how you are Jules. Hope your recovery has gone well.

    1. Yes it has been awhile. I have been hiding from the world for a bit. I will be back very soon. Thank you so much for being interested in me and my well being. :)