Friday, June 26, 2015

Puppy Update

Buddy and Indy Swimming in Lake

Indy After the Lake

I am so in love with my dogs! No, I'm not a crazy dog person yet it is so fun and joyful to be with them and see them interact with each other. I have so loved having our first dog, Buddy. It was an amazing experience to have my own dog. Before him, I had a family dog but not one that was mine. Also, I had a small fear of big dogs. And Buddy got to be a big dog. He is 75 to 80 pounds and  just over all a big dog. But he has the heart of a teddy bear, a giant teddy bear. This loving, big dog changed my whole perspective on dogs, all dogs really. He showed me how loyal, loving, compassionate and fun dogs really are, and he won my heart. 

Yet having two dogs is even more than that. They are definitely different personality wise. Buddy is way more submissive and Indy is more dominant. Of course, Indy is a puppy, which makes him a bundle of energy and play. Buddy is 9+ years old and is trained as a hunting dog. He is much more mellow and focused on retrieving, sleeping, swimming, and resting. Their differences have made me really appreciate them both so much for whom they are and what they give me and others.

I was very apprehensive about having two dogs at the same time, yet it has been, and I am sure will continue to be, a rewarding experience. Being able to love and care for a dog can be a life altering experience and for me, that is truly what it has been. I look forward to the future with both of our dogs and can't wait to see how the little guy grows and continues to change our lives.

Indy, our puppy, will be going to hunting school tomorrow and will be gone for 3 to 6 months, and I will dearly miss him. But I am so excited to see what he learns and what kind of hunter he will turn out to be in the end. Its hard to do what is best for our pets, but after having sent Buddy to hunting school, I know this is the best choice for Indy and that he will be all the better for it.

Love your pets! Let them love you back! Remember to enjoy as many moments with them as you can as they won't be around forever. :)


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