Sunday, September 27, 2015

New Direction

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After many posts about my mental health and the direction my life has taken and the reasons why, I have decided that it is time to do what the title of my blog says and that is "Getting to Me." So I am going to take this blog into a new direction for now.

For now at least, I am going to be writing posts about the things I love and what makes me me. For example, I love to read and am an avid fiction reader. I plan to share with y'all the books I've read and my thoughts about reading, etc. I also love painting. I teach a painting class and paint myself so it would be cool to show you what I do and what inspires me, etc.

My hope it that I will inspire others to find what they love and go for it. I know I still have a lot of growth in this area, but I am done talking about the how and the why and just do it.

I hope you are willing to go on this new journey with me!

Love yourself and share what you love!


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