Thursday, August 15, 2013


I was just doing some research online for a project I am thinking about taking on at work. Really, I have no idea what the process is to accomplish this so I Googled it and found information. But I began to read it and realized I had no idea what the hell it was talking about. Awkward! I mean, I understood the words I was reading yet how go about the process is escaping me.

I felt like running away from it so I decided to come here and blog. Yes, I did stop working on it to write this. Yet I know that this time, I am going to finish this and go right back to rereading the information I found until I can make sense of it. If I can figure it out, it will benefit my clients.

The situation I am in right now has come up before and way more often than not, I have decided to not take it on because I thought I might fail. I am tired of backing down. I can figure this out and when I do, I will have one more piece of evidence for myself that I am putting in time, energy, and effort into me.

How do you deal with trying new things or taking on new challenges?



  1. Jules,

    I was having a conversation yesterday with my hairdresser about some things that I've got coming up in the next 18 months and which I've already got planned out. She's known me about 3 years now and she said that the way I'm going about planning everything out is the way that I've done things since she's known me.

    Thinking about your question that really seems to be how I go about trying things and dealing with challenges. No matter what it is that I'm doing I tend to try and find out as much as I can and then try and plan as much as I can with regards to it. The less things there are that I don't know or haven't thought about the more comfortable I feel.

    For a lot of things it makes it easier for me to go and do them. Not everything of course. I race triathlons and do the occasional half marathon and the like. Every time I do, no matter how much training I've done in preparation I still get a really bad case of nerves on race morning. My last triathlon I had them so bad that I was seriously considering pulling out, even though we'd driven four hours, and stayed in a hotel overnight, in order to get there. At that point it had to be a case of taking a deep breath and just doing it.

  2. Jules,
    For me it depends on the particular challenge but where possible I try to do as much preparation as possible before I do it.
    Most of my challenges relate to sport, half marathons, marathons, triathlons and the like. I come up with a training plan to follow and then try to stick to it while reading anything that will help me to be better prepared.
    Eventually though it all comes down to putting up with race day nerves, taking a deep breath and then just doing it.

    1. Thank you for your thoughts, Jenna! I find it fascinating that all people seem to get some jitters about such a variety of events or happenings. Yet in this realization I find a bond between all of us humans. Good for you for participating in such challenging events. Wow, I am impressed!!

  3. This may be the hardest thing you ever do, but it will only be really hard the first time. Hopefully, the resources you need will fall into your hand as you search for them.
    A warning though; the rush that comes from pushing your thinking out of your comfort zone will change you Jules.

    But I think that is what you are hoping for, isn't it.

    Big Hug and warm wishes for success!