Saturday, May 2, 2015

Body Update :)

I visited my surgeon last Monday and set up the surgery to have the plate and screws removed from my leg, which is no small surgery. I will under the knife :) May 29th.

If you are new to the blog, a little back ground. August 31, 2013, I went dove hunting with my husband and a bunch of other hunters. I shot a bird, and it glided down a small ravine. As I went down to get it, a rattle snake lunged out at me. I stumbled and fell down into the ravine. As I fell, I hit the top of my left tibia on a bolder and shattered it. (At least, that's what I've pieced together because I do not remember anything in between the snake and becoming aware upside down at the bottom of the ravine.) I had surgery the next morning where the surgeon put in a steel pate and 10-15 screws. For the next 2 months, I did not walk. Then I went through physical therapy for the next 6 months to relearn to walk and regain strength in my leg, which had atrophied and become flat. I was off work for 4 months. Since then, I have gradually gained more and more strength and flexibility and am now walking normal, 98% of the time.

I have known this surgery is coming since a few weeks after the first surgery. My surgeon explained that because he had to use surgical steel, I would need to have it removed because I am young enough that the steel might "rust" over time and put toxins in my body. He informed me he wanted to take the hardware out in the summer of 2015. And its almost summer 2015 so in I went to get my appointment to have my leg cut open again.

Okay so to the real point of this post; I started at a gym last Wednesday. Well, its sort of a gym; its one of those new cross-fit workout places.  I am really not a workout with other people kind of person but this seems like the best idea for me right now. As the appointment came closer to meet with the surgeon, my husband and I were talking about questions we should ask the surgeon. One question I had was will I need physical therapy after this surgery. My husband said he had read that pre-surgery therapy really helps recovery. So I decided to start going to cross fit place a couple of my friends have gone to in the past.

Below are the pictures I took the night before I started the cross fit place.


I have lost about 20 of the 30 pounds I gained after I broke my leg. But I still have 25 more pounds to lose. When I broke my leg, I was 15 pounds over the weight I like to be. But really, going to this exercising place is about getting my body and leg stronger before I go in to have surgery. I should have done this a year ago, but at this point, better later than never. Hopefully, weight lose will be a side effect of working out so much. I am planning on going 4 days a week for the next 4 weeks. Then surgery!

I have gone twice now and am SORE! The first day was a core only workout, and the second day was called total body burn. I hurt all over yet am really glad I went and worked as hard as I could. As I continue to go, I will keep you updated on how I look and feel. So far, I feel stronger and sore. :)

Okay I hope you are all doing well! :)



  1. Go luck to you with this. Loosing weight is not easy and takes a lot of discipline, but you sound very committed and have had a great start so I can see you reaching your goal!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement! I am really concentrating on strength right now and hoping the weight will go down as a result of working out. We'll see! Only 25 days until my surgery to get a strong as possible. 😅

    Hope you are doing well! Love that you stop by and comment!