Sunday, May 31, 2015

Leg Surgery

My leg with the plate and screws before  surgery.

Well I finally had the surgery to remove the plate and 10 or so screws from my leg. I have been aware that I would have this surgery from almost the time I had the first one to fix my broken leg. Its weird to know that you are voluntarily going into surgery that will cause you to be down for a while. I went in last Friday morning, had surgery about noonish, and was home by 3 in the afternoon.

As you can see, my leg is wrapped up pretty good. I cannot put any weight on that leg for the next 10 to 14 days. I have to wait until the surgeon takes out the staples. I am on crutches until then.

So I was really nervous and scared when I went into the hospital on Friday morning. I had talked to my surgeon about the surgery, I had exercised to get myself ready for surgery, and I even used the internet to look up what would happen during surgery. Yet I was still kind of freaking out on Friday morning at the hospital.

But life provided me with the best "let it go" situation. I checked into the hospital at 7:30 and had an IV in by 8:10. I was scheduled to have surgery around 9:30, but 9:30 came and went, as did 10:30, and 11:30. Having to wait so long really got me annoyed. Which in turn, took my mind off being scared and made it so that when it was time to have surgery, I was really ready to go. I asked what was going on and they said I was scheduled to be my doctor's second surgery of the day, but for some unknown reason, he chose to put some else's surgery in front of mine.

I finally got to go to surgery and asked the surgery nurse if I could have a screw from my leg. She actually said yes.:)

This time, unlike the surgery after I broke my leg, I was fully aware as I was wheeled into the surgery room and as they prepped me for surgery.  It was an odd: the big surgery lights, people moving around me as they strapped me down to the arm tables they use (its kind of like being on a cross- I know, weird comparison but true.) Then came the anesthesia and before I knew anything, I was waking up in a recovery area.

Yes, that is one of the screws that was in my leg.

So that was Friday and its Sunday now. I am healing up, and my leg hurt pretty bad yesterday. But today its feeling a lot better. I am trying to keep myself busy by reading, exercising (however I can), and learning Spanish (or at least trying.) 

Alrighty, I'll keep y'all updated. :) Hope is all well with you! HUGS!!!


  1. That is a seriously long screw!! It always amazes me how similar orthopedic surgery is to carpentry. I had a nasty motorbike accident a few years back and I'm still carrying the metalwork in my shoulderblade and wrist, although I must say I hardly notice it. From the look of your leg I'm guessing you would be pretty glad now to be rid of all that lumpy stuff! Recover well!

    1. I am very happy to have all the hardware out and can't wait to see my leg healed up. My mom said the screw looks just like one she would use around her house; so surgery and carpentry, not so different. Both are often about repairing things. It's great that the hardware you have is not so noticeable. Mine really stuck out (well the plate and two of the 11 screws did). Thank you for the well wishes! I will keep y'all updated.

  2. Hola!

    I don’t know anyone who looked forward to a surgery, no matter how important or beneficial the surgery was. The wait for surgery is usually something I would describe as terrible. But in your case it worked out very well. Funny how getting frustrated actually had a good effect on your well being.

    That is one very big screw. You will probably weight less just by getting rid of all that metal. I think it is great that you thought to ask for one. It was literally a part of you for a time. Though I am sure it was an annoyance, it also helped you out. Now that it is gone, and after you have a chance to heal, you will probably feel better showing off those legs. (and tell your husband they are very nice legs!)

    I have been fairly lucky concerning hospital trips. I have spent little time in hospitals since my very young childhood. I would love to be able to impress you by saying it is because of my clean living, but I think it is probably more just luck.

    Espero que tengas una pronta y rápida mejoría
    Feliz recuperación

    (no I don’t Spanish. But there are some great (or not so great) translation sites)

    Take Care