Thursday, May 16, 2013

Sooo Grateful!!

Right now all I can say is wow!  Life is full of surprises, sometimes really stressful and painful ones and sometimes really fantastic and blessed ones.  The last two days have been full of things to be grateful for.  Let me give you some background to help you see why I feel how I feel. J

Several months ago, Nadine and I went on a vacation to Arizona to see the Grand Canyon.  Unfortunately, we decided to start arguing two days before we left. But we thought we had to go on this trip. We left and argued all the way to Arizona. Not a fun time.  Yet we made it to the hotel outside of the Grand Canyon.   It took some time, but we figured out how to see eye to eye.  

Both of us have a medical marijuana card from California. We carry a very small amount with us, and we smoked a small amount in the hotel room.

William had an issue at work that he needed to write a letter about.  It had been stressing us out and that night, we finally got to a point when William was able to write the letter. We both felt relieved and went outside to have a cigarette.

 As we came back in Nadine saw a police officer and a hotel worker and heard someone say something about the smell of marijuana. We got into the room, and she told me what she heard and said we should put away the pipe.  Momentarily, the officer came to our room and came inside. It ended in me getting a criminal misdemeanor for marijuana possession.

On his prompting, I told the officer I smoked it in order to relieve a migraine. William was dressed as Nadine and there was no way I was going to let her get involved in case this issue led to going to jail.  I showed him my California authorization to use medical marijuana. Then he left saying he needed to talk to someone else about this situation. He came back and told me he was going to cite me. He was an ok guy just doing what he thought was right. Yet he took my medical marijuana and my pipe. He took pictures of my California authorization to use medical marijuana, gave me the citation, and left.

If I were to get a misdemeanor on my record, I could lose my job.  To say the least, this became a real problem. I hired a lawyer because after doing research, we discovered I should have never been given a citation. Arizona has reciprocity with California’s medical marijuana laws. Basically, since I am legal in California, I am legal in Arizona.

Finally after almost two months, my lawyer called yesterday and said the DA was going to dismiss the citation. Two months was a long to wait and be stressed out.  It was intense, and the news we got yesterday lifted a giant boulder off our shoulders!!!!   Ginormous grateful moment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! J

 On top of that great news, William had an awesome resolution to some work changes yesterday. He is feeling very positive about the changes he is about to embark on, and he has the support of the department he is working with. This lifted off some more pressure on his shoulders. Wonderful grateful thing!! J

 Another great thing happened yesterday as well. We heard from an old friend whom we used to be really close with.  Many years ago, we shared many special times with her and were very close friends for about 10 years. After moving away, and life changing for all of us, we lost touch with each other. A few years ago, William became Facebook friends with her, but didn’t hear much from her until yesterday. She wrote a warm email asking if she and her boyfriend could come visit us, which we are looking forward to.  A wonderful surprise! Yet another grateful moment!!! J

Lastly, as I wrote about a couple of weeks ago, we lost a cat. He died when he was about a year old. After talking, we decided to get two new kittens. We live in the country and like having cats to help with the vermin we have, and I am in love with cats.  I was actively looking for the right kittens when our neighbor texted and asked if I wanted the kittie she rescued.  We talked about it, and I decided to go see the cat. It was not a kitten, (she’s maybe 7 months old) and it was a girl. I usually get kittens to help them fit in better with my other cats (right now we have 3 other cats), and I don’t really like female cats. They are kinda nutty. But when I got there, I saw her and knew we had to take her home. So, today, we got a new cat. Another wonderful blessing!! J

That was kind of long, but I really wanted to share why I feel so grateful for the amazing things that happened in the last two days. Thank you for sharing my joy!!  WOOOHOO!!!



  1. This was a wonderful and affirming post. I like the sentiment at the top about the pleasure that one can derive from being grateful for the blessings that they have.
    I say " increases your face value".
    I am glad that the citation was stricken. It is important to keep your record clean.

    1. Thank you. I think it helps to look at what good is in your life. I am not very practiced at it but I am going to be persistent and continue practicing this.

  2. You give me FAR too much credit for my role in the AZ situation.

    Let me explain to you all, I was the one who had smoked the mj, Jules had none on that particular occasion. When the officer arrived at our door, I was dressed as Nadine and Jules stepped up and was the point person for dealing with the officer. All I did was to sit and watch the unfortunate situation unrolling out before me. Jules was great, she handled it amazingly and shielded me from any potential negative consequence. The amount that meant to me was HUGE!

    Thank you again! Love you!

    1. You are welcome! It was not even a question in my mind when it happened that I was going to step up because you have done so in so many occasions in the the past.
      Love you too bunny!