Tuesday, May 14, 2013

What I Want -VS- What I Do

Do you ever look at your actions and see some inconsistencies between what you say you want and your actions?  I see this in myself. I say I want certain things like being in shape yet I do not do the requirements needed to fulfill my real wants.

I really like the weight issue as an example. William has pointed out to me this particular inconsistency to me.  Although I am reluctant to see anything about me that isn’t just “you are wonderful”, I think the weight issue is so great because it has nothing to do with anyone else but me. I love to blame others for my issues, but with the weight thing, there is no one to look to blame so I have to take responsibility for myself.  I say I want to be at a certain weight (or look, doesn’t matter to me) yet I do not want to do the actions it takes to make that happen. How can I blame this on anyone else? No one feeds me except me.  No one can exercise me except me. I’m the only one who puts the food into my mouth and does not exercise like I want to.  Since I know that the Atkins diet works amazingly for me (I lost 40 lbs. doing it and have lost more weight other times with this plan), I am aware of what works yet do not want to commit to just do the plan.
This is a great example of me fighting me. I have a belief that eating certain foods will make me feel better, feel okay , feel right. Yet I know as a 41 year old woman that, for me, eating carbs makes me fat or at the very least, makes me stay the same weight.  There for, my belief is illogical and one clearly connected to a child’s mind, not a grown adult with experience and knowledge. The belief must change from sugary, carby foods make me happy to healthy foods make me happy. It’s a choice.

I might say that a lot here because I have tended over the many years of “doing me” to think it is not a choice. Yet I want to change this point of view to one that sees in every situation that I have a choice.
Humans- we can be so complicated but really without the need to be so.

I wish you all the ability to see things simply.

Thank you, Nadine, William for challenging me to see the world through beautifully simple eyes. I love you!


  1. Jules,
    I think that there is a part of all of us that tends to think that if we can wish for something the mere desire for utopia will make it happen.

    Those of us of a certain age thought every grew up in a "Leave it to Beaver" perfect family and wondered why our life was different. Disney captured everyone's hopes and dreams in the opening line of his theme song "When you wish upon a star..."

    Merely pining for change does not get the job done. In fact sitting and hoping creates a static condition and fields that are not tended lie fallow and useless.

    The pleasure is in the journey. The joy is in working for results. The sense of self worth is derived from the efforts that you make. We can all dream of the promised land but you need to make the effort to get across the river.

    I think I have mixed enough metaphors for one comment.

    OK...here is one more. Stay the course. My sense of things is that your taking to the blogosphere has been good for you...a sort of therapy...somewhat better than a private diary.


    1. I very much agree with your statements. Desire can fool people, myself included, into thinking they are doing something about getting what they want. I have many times felt I was getting somewhere on a goal when really I was only wanting it not doing it.
      I appreciate the encouragement and definitely will stay the course!