Monday, July 29, 2013

My Wanderings

Today is the last day of my alone vacation. I decided I wanted to go to Berkeley and wander around where William and I used to go to when we were in high school in the late 80's. I looked up online and saw that there were several stores still there that we used to go to. 

One of those stores is Anapurna, an eclectic little place that always smells like incense. It was still there and of course I perused the shop and talked to the guy working there about how long they have been on Telegraph Ave. He said they had been there in that spot since 1969; a lot longer than I have been going there. 

I also visited a used book store (bought a book, of course), a bunch of random places, and got hungry. There are 2 giant slice pizza places on Telegraph, Fat Slice, and Blondies. I got to Fat slice first so I ate there. So good and a huge slice of pizza that I could not finish. It is an odd experience to eat out by yourself. I have done it before this trip but this trip, I noticed how few people eat alone. Its odd. I read or used my iPad while eating out on this trip, but I also spent sometime talking to the workers at the restaurants. I enjoyed interacting with different kinds of people. 

I have always loved going to Telegraph Ave in Berkeley because of the street jewelers, artists, and vendors. There were over 10 different people's work to look at today, which is not a lot for there, but was still fun. While walking the street I bought a ring and a pair of earrings. Oddly, I found a store that was all products from Japan, like actual products with the product names in Japanese. It was like walking into a store in Japan and brought back memories of our visit to Japan. 

Overall I liked revisiting a place I spent time at when I was younger. Weirdly, it made me think about my fixed mindset and how I at one point would have never gone to Telegraph by myself. I was nervous today as well but as I walked around, I saw that me having a fixed mindset causes those sort of unsure feelings. Why not just enjoy the world and the people? And so I did! 

And it must be said again. Everything would have been so much more fun and enjoyable if William/Nadine had been there too. We talked last night and both agreed that we like doing things with each other much more than doing it alone. I am very happy I took this trip to take time to look at myself yet I missed my spouse very much. :) 


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